Sunday, October 30, 2011

Exchange surgery is tomorrow!

My exchange surgery is tomorrow, October 31st, 2011, my 35th birthday.  I did not set out to have this surgery on my birthday, but my surgeon is so busy, this was the first date he had available.  The surgery should be less than 2 hours and I should be home sometime tomorrow.  I am really looking forward to having this step over with. It will be my last surgery under general anesthesia. 

There has been lots of blessing I have received in the last few months.  Some I know I will not remember to write about.  A support group for other people with BRCA mutations has started in the Charlotte area and I went to the first meeting.  It was really nice to talk to other women from all different walks of life that has this same issue to face.  I will definitely continue to be a part of this group. I have been telling clients throughout my whole social worker career to get involved in a support group, but never have been in one myself, so this has been a good experience for me, both personally and professionally.  Also, 2 of my close friends who either have had breast cancer or have a BRCA mutation have had their surgeries during the last few months and both are on their roads to recovery.  Praise the Lord! I have had a lot of work over the last few months which has been a great financial blessing for me and my family. I also attended an adoption conference last week and through that experience, God confirmed to me that he wants me to stay in the adoption field! I had been contemplating a career change with all of the other changes that have gone on in my life this year, but after spending that whole day listening to other adoptive parents, adoptees and agencies, I felt inspired, happy, encouraged and content.  I love having my small part in watching families come together through adoption.  It is truly one of the best pictures of how God adopts all of us into his family that I have ever seen!

So, I am anxiously awaiting tomorrow and ready to continue on with my reconstruction process! God is good! The best is yet to come!



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