Friday, August 12, 2011

Next Phase of Reconstruction

I know it has been a while since I have posted, but there has really not been much news to post and I have been enjoying the summer home with Nathan and my girls.  It has truly been a blessing to have somewhat of a reprieve from doctor's appointments, tests and surgeries over the summer! I have still worked part time helping families adopt,but the majority of my time this summer has been making up for the distractions from the Spring and spending time with my family.  The summer started out with Nathan leading 60 people to Kenya this summer and we missed him terribly, but I enjoyed my time just with the girls.  During the summer, Nathan spoke at a few camps and the girls attended their usually day camps of Camp Thunderbird, Tennis Camp and Science Camp.  July was a month that we were away for most of it.  We went on a family vacation to Charleston with his mother, sister, brother and families. Then, one week later, we left for Surfside Beach and spent a week there with my parents, brother and his family.  We left from Surfside with Nathan and attended a Wesleyan 4th and 5th grader camp with him.  It was a great experience for the girls to see what "church camp" is like and to hear their Dad preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and see lives of kids their same age ask Jesus into their hearts. We were gone for almost 2 weeks during the last beach trip and the camp and I have confess, by day 11, I needed to get back to my home, so the girls and I left a day early to come back.  When you are gone from your home for that long, you really start to miss it! Well, that next week we also had my cousin and her daughter come stay with us for one week this summer and we also went back to Charleston last weekend to see our sweet Aunt Danielle marry her now hubby Nic! Gracie left for her first trip to the beach with a friend and her family.  She has been gone for 7 days now, having an awesome time, but I am ready to see my girl. School will start in 2 weeks and I am ready for a more normal schedule. 

As far as my reconstruction process goes, as of July 12, I have finished the "fillings" of my expanders.  This process really was not that bad. I had to go to a weekly doctor's appointment and the procedure to fill the expander was painless.  My breasts did feel a bit hard and tight for a few days after each filling, but they loosened up after a few days.  I had a follow up appointment today and my surgeon is going to schedule my exchange surgery for sometime after October 12 of this year. The reason is he wants to do nothing for 3 months from my last "filling."  The exchange surgery will be strictly exchanging my temporary expander for the permanent implant.  He will also get rid of extra skin and make sure that I look as natural, normal and nice as possible.  My good friend who had the same surgery as me had her exchange surgery in July and she said that "it was no big deal."  I actually talked to her on the phone several hours after she got out after surgery and she sounded great.  That really was encouraging to me as I move forward.

So, this summer has been a time for me to take a deep breath, relax some, enjoy my family and thank God for bringing me this far.  I do not worry about the next surgery (even though they will put me to sleep) like I did for the last two.  I think that is because this surgery is going to be my easiest thus far, and really, I have gotten used to having surgery.  I guess you can say I'm a pro (not sure I want to be a pro at this though!), but I am glad that I don't have the fear of surgery in my mind constantly as I did before.  I do look forward to the day when I can say I am ALL DONE with reconstruction! This will hopefully be by the end of the year so all of the expenses will be under one year's deductible.   Keeping my fingers crossed on that one. 


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