Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Blog has been down, but next piece of good news, the drains are out!!!!!

My blog has been down so I am going to try and "catch up" with blogging over the next few days.  So, bear with me.  But, I did want to devote an entire post to stating that at day 12 after surgery, I got my drains out!!!! I know that most of you probably have never had drains in their body, but I ca say it is one of the most uncomfortable things I have ever experienced in my life!!! To give you a little info on them, they are placed under your arm pit on the side of each breast to drain fluid from the empty breast cavity I now have.  My surgeon explained that our bodies are made up of mainly fluid, which does not have anywhere to go so when a new "spot" is created, the fluid will go there.  So, they placed these drains in during my surgery so that as I heal, the excess fluid can come out and not cause any infections or problems.  In the hospital, the nurse instructed me to "milk" them 3 times a day and to record how much I get per day and if they get below 30 cc in one day, that I could call my surgeon's office and have them removed.  My Mom took care of my drains for the first few days, but I eventually was able to take care of them myself.  The drain amounts came down each day, starting at about 160 cc in each breast.  I was really hoping on my surgeon appointment at day 12, I would be able to get them out, but since both drains were not below the 30 cc, I went into the appointment thinking there was no way.  But, to my surprise, he did take them out!!!!! And, he performed a filling of my expanders!!! I had told Nathan to not even come to this appointment since I thought all he was going to say was you look good and come back next week.  Dr. Robinson stated he did not like keeping drains in for over 2 weeks because of the risk of infection and that he was going to get rid of some of that excess space by expanding the expanders too.  He also stated that he would see me in a week and if I had some built up fluid, he could drain it off then.  I had been told that it was painful to have the drains removed, but the nurse took her time and to be completely honest, the first side did not hurt at all and the second, more sensitive side, mildly hurt for a few seconds.  And, the best thing about it, was I felt IMMEDIATE relief from having those out.  I was so pleasantly surprised and walked out of there very much encouraged! I am now able to sleep partly on my side, which is amazing too and I don't have to lug those drains around everywhere I go. So, today, was a good day and I am feeling great! Praise the Lord!


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